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Jaxtr (global sim card)

Yellow Planet is a distributor of Jaxtr. Our customers can buy their Jaxtr Sim Card from our desk after their identity verification. Recharge and other services related to Jaxtr Sim are also available at Yellow Planet.

Jaxtr is a social communications company that melds together global calling, SMS, and social networking. Jaxtr uses VoIP to offer competitive rates as well as free international and long distance calling. Some key differentiators for Jaxtr in its market include allowing phone-to-phone calls to and from any mobile and landline phones, offering social networking focused on voice requiring no software downloads or access pins, and giving users local Direct Inward Dialling (DID) phone numbers. Offered in 56 countries, these numbers allow users in those countries to dial a local phone number which would ring a long distance or international destination phone. Jaxtr also offers users a set number of global SMS messages each month.


Jaxtr owns and operates several businesses in the telecommunications space, including Jaxtr Voice, Jaxtr Virtual Number, Jaxtr Global SMSs, and Jaxtr SMS. In order to check rates please visit the following link:http://sim.jaxtr.com/rate_checkers