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Privacy Policy

This column is considered with the protection of the personal data provided by the customers at the time of booking any service or product.

By personal Information we mean all the information that can be used to identify a specific individual such as name, mailing address, e-mail address, phone number etc. We'll use the required personal data of the customer only for transaction purposes. The information will not be shared with any third party whatsoever. In order to retain personal information Yellow Planet uses databases in accordance with document management, retention, destruction policy and applicable laws. It must be understood that this time may extend beyond the period of your relationship with us, but the information will be withheld only as long as it might prove necessary for us to keep it for any issues that may arise later.

In order to integrate the whole security phenomenon, Yellow Planet uses physical, administrative and technical safeguards to protect the information. Hence, it reduces the risk of loss, misuse or disclosure to any unauthorized source protecting the information up-top. Even if the personal information of our customers is sent to our service provider/suppliers/tour operators we make sure that the work is done with the ethics and principles that are integral to yellow planet and core of our Privacy Policy. If and when you are using yellow planet, you must keep it in your mind that any information transmitted through World Wide Web is not electronically secured.

Disputes: If any disputes arise between you and Yellow Planet or if there is any alleged breach to the Terms & conditions or Privacy Policy of the Yellow Planet , it must be referred to a sole neutral third-party arbitrator who must be recognized by the Yellow Planet. The jurisdiction of Yellow Planet is Ghaziabad.